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American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

“Quality Always Finds A Home”

July 26, 2013
A catalog shot of our Adirondack folding chairs we wholesale for a premier American lifestyle brand.

A catalog shot of Adirondack folding chairs we make exclusively for a premier American lifestyle brand.

That’s what a great commercial actor friend of mine Boise Thomas said on his recent trip to visit the mill. He said a lot of other insightful things, but that was one of the last I wrote down as my parents and I sat around listening to all he had to say. Boise has booked over a 100 nationwide commercials, including spots for McDonald’s, Canon, Pillsbury, and more – not to mention time spent as a host for a Discovery channel program and M.C. for various festivals. After all that 15+ years experience acting and hosting he, I could tell, has gained much more than simply acting out a pitch for a brand, he knew what was selling it. From what I could gather from him ‘the sell’ for us is the heirloom quality solid wood furniture we make, the ‘Made in USA’ small town appeal, and the Motel 6 Tom Bodett-style simple, honest, genuine American business language (read that story here) that has a 3rd generation family-run business like Manchester Wood selling furniture; and I’d have to agree.

‘Made in the USA’ furniture is what we are, right to the bone. My grandfather started a metalworking factory in the basement of his home, shook hands with J.C. Penney (the man), and took off with the country he had fought proudly for in the forefront of everything involving his business. “Create U.S. jobs” was always his thing and what he spoke much about around the dinner table.

‘Made in USA’ for us isn’t just a smart marketing slogan for an upcoming hip brand, it’s the gritty truth of Manchester Wood’s always in ALL ways USA made furniture. I think the Tom Bodett, “We’ll leave the light on for you” aspect will find more light later through some upcoming campaigns, but it can also just as easily be seen now through the blogs we’ve been writing and other materials through my father and grandfather. It’s a homey realism of what we have to offer you. No filler, just the facts, and that’s quality solid wood furniture that’ll be an antique someday. American heirloom classics brought to you new, that’s what we make.

Luke and his dad, Manchester Wood's President, Ed Eriksen.

Luke and his dad, Manchester Wood’s President, Ed Eriksen.

I can’t thank Boise enough for a great visit, with a touch of business advice for the family and myself to reflect on. To be proud of what you’re doing is a great feeling, and he sure helped with that. To know “quality always finds a home,” sure let’s me know Manchester Wood: American Made Furniture will always find a home.

Anything you’d like to share with us? On our business and what you’d like to see? Or what you’re feeling proud about doing? Let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

Much Gratitude,

Luke Eriksen

Manchester Wood: American Made Furniture

American Made Wood Furniture

Check Out Our Shaker Tables and Desks

July 15, 2013

Shaker furniture has long been synonymous with quality, simple design, and aesthetic appeal. These values align nicely with our own, and we are proud to carry on the legacy of Shaker craftsmanship.

The Shakers were a Christian sect that emigrated from Manchester, England to upstate New York during the second half of the 18th century. Once they arrived in what is now the town of Watervliet, they set about building a strong community. One important aspect of that community was its industrious nature: Shakers held hard work as an important tenet of their religion and soon became known for the quality of the goods they produced. In particular, their furniture became wildly popular during the middle of the 19th century. Soon, other furniture makers began to capitalize on this popularity and began producing their own versions of Shaker tables and chairs.

Our Large Shaker Desk

Our Large Shaker Desk

Shaker continues to be a popular American made furniture style. At Manchester Wood, we feature an extensive collection of Shaker furniture, such as our Large Shaker Desk, which features a broad working surface with two ample drawers for storage. Were also offer a nice selection of Shaker tables, including coffee tables and end tables.

While we appreciate the tradition and history associated with Shaker furniture, we also recognize the need to look forward and innovate. This is the thinking behind our Shaker Entertainment Console. It is designed with traditional aesthetics and modern functionality in mind. It is capable of supporting a large flat screen and also has an open back for easy wiring.

We pride ourselves on producing only 100% USA made furniture, and our Shaker pieces are great examples. Our factory is just a short drive from the location of the original Shaker community and we feel compelled to uphold their traditions of fine craftsmanship and honest labor. So please, check out our Shaker Collection and support American made furniture.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Made in USA Solid Wood Furniture

June 18, 2013


 1.     Consumer Quality

There is no question the furniture we make at Manchester Wood is ‘built to last.’ That’s a major slogan you’ll find in much of our marketing materials, let alone the resources we use in crafting our furniture. We’re antique shoppers and thrifters at heart – we strive to make our furniture destined for a great find many years from now; and some of our products have already been found in such places! There is no question our furniture – for its heirloom quality – is affordably priced. Our value is in the dedication to solid wood when most competitors moved to cheaper resources like plastics and lower grade wood (like particle board). We’ve remained American hardwood; that’s the kind-of solid wood that makes a grown man able to stand on a Manchester Wood TV tray table without anything happening. Try that at a box store emphasizing cheap short-term quantity over long-lasting American quality!

2.     American Jobs

We all remember fondly when we started out as a solid wood furniture manufacturer under the name Manchester Wood that Cliff’s mission was never profit based but job based. “The more jobs we can make, the better,” he’d often say. Today we follow that same principle the best we can while still competing with corporate agendas under different ideals. Manchester Wood is a family-run business that operates as families do, not as a corporation. As American furniture manufacturers we recognize the importance of things made in America – here – at home. We stand in a new America and say, “we want quality, affordability, and a sense of where things we support come from.” Made in USA furniture is our pride and creed; it flows through each part of the work process and each material used here at the mill. Our product proves that, and you’ll find that when it arrives at your door.

3.     Corporate Ethics

Whenever we’re at a corporate event and someone recognizes we’re still 100% made in the USA the reaction almost always is, “Wow! How do you still do it?” And the response we usually give is something like, “It’s been hard…” but we believe as the quality of life and the demand for it rises in China we’ll be stronger and more competitive again. We believe when you purchase American made furniture, or other made in USA items you support just that: a healthier work environment for everyone with higher pay, labor laws to protect people, health benefits to save and strengthen, and reasonable work hours to get you home for dinner. You’re doing your part in re-structuring corporate ethics and how we reflect in business globally and domestically when you purchase from us, or other entirely made in USA companies. 

Those are the Top 3 Reasons we think you should buy ‘Made in USA,’ what are yours?