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American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

100% American Made Furniture All Ways, Always

June 3, 2013

“These days, “Made in America” isn’t as clear-cut as it used to be. Most Americans are aware that products branded with American labels may be made in overseas factories or assembled here with parts made overseas. Three-fourths of consumers say being manufactured in the U.S. is crucial for them to consider it ‘made in America.’ Half say being made by an American company or having parts manufactured in the U.S. is what matters. Only one-fourth cared whether a product was designed by an American.”

Small Business Trends, Why Made in America Still Matters

Manchester Wood has had a family tradition in woodworking since 1891.

Manchester Wood has had a family tradition in woodworking since 1891.

At Manchester Wood we adhere to the concerns of all the percentages listed above, large or small that consider the design, manufacturing, assembly, and shipping, which in totality at Manchester Wood is done locally in the U.S.A. at our mill in the foothills of the Adirondacks in the “Upstate” New York countryside, resting along the Vermont border. We stand by our brand namesake, “American Made Furniture” through all our thorough practices with the company founder’s vision always in mind: create jobs in the US.

We all remember fondly when we started out as a solid wood furniture manufacturer under the name Manchester Wood that Cliff’s mission was never profit based but job based. “The more jobs we can make, the better,” he’d say. Today we follow that same principle the best we can while still competing with corporate agendas under different ideals.

Made in USA furniture is our pride and creed; it flows through each part of the process and each material used here. Our product proves that, and you’ll find that when it arrives at your door. We’re pleased to find in this recent Small Business Trends report that regardless of politics, and the divisions among us, united we stand under the principle of ‘Made in USA’ products with “Perhaps surprisingly, three-fourths of both Republicans and Democrats [saying] buying American is important.”

Check out our $64 Gifts for U.S. Jobs Collection which aims to boost job creation based on a study by ABC World News with Diane Sawyer that showed if each person spent $64 dollars on Made in America items we would create 200,000 new American jobs.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

Beyond the Adirondack Folding Chairs: The Montauk Collection

May 28, 2013

8200logosetMontauk, New York is known for its fishing, surf, and beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also in the Hamptons, the epicenter of cutting-edge east coast vacation fashion for metropolitan New Yorkers. So it’s no wonder as woodcrafters from the Adirondack foothills of New York – the “North Country” – with a fashion sense all our own, we looked towards Montauk as another representation of coastal living with a heightened sense of metropolitan appeal. And that’s just what the Montauk Collection at Manchester Wood provides. With wooden slats, a simple two-piece design for easy transport and storage. From indoor to outdoor, lake house to sandy beaches; or for a day in the park for a little league or soccer game; the mobility and design of the solid wood furniture that is the Montauk Collection is a prized possession for all who seek classic affordable fashion in indoor/outdoor furniture.

The collection carries an almost 1920’s aesthetic, a day at the horse track esteem. Yet it has a softer way of showing its hard-earned craftsmanship; drawing a timelessness found only in Manchester Wood solid wood furniture; entirely made in the USA as our brand declares in its namesake.

Montauk Double Seat

Montauk Double Seat

The Montauk Collection includes the Montauk Chair, the Montauk Double Seat (Love Seat), the Montauk Side Table (End Table), the Montauk Coffee Table, and Montauk Youth Chair, fit for children 3 to 8. All pieces operate as great stationary furniture for any part of the house or outdoor activity. When it’s time to go or to stow-away, simply pull apart the two pieces and slide them together, transforming into a carrying case and storage unit of quality, handcrafted design.

As American furniture manufacturers for the better part of 36 years we take pride in our USA made furniture and the community that provides them for you. Wherever you are, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, North West to the South East, the Montauk Collection is home. You’ll enjoy this new collection as much as we have.

Continuing the family tradition, richest blessings to you,
Ed & Priscilla Eriksen
Manchester Wood: American Made Furniture

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American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

Organic Food & American Furniture Manufacturing

May 17, 2013


At Manchester Wood we stand behind 3 Principles – Value, Honesty, and Community – and today we celebrate those three core ingredients in our family-operated business by announcing a partnership with another like-minded family-run business in quality and value, the Kilpatrick Family Farm.

Although we are an American furniture manufacturer by trade, this partnership is outside the activities taking place inside the mill, and instead applies to 10 of the surrounding 23-acres we inhabit, here, in the Adirondack foothills of upstate New York. We have plenty of land, most of which in the past has been rented out to farmers for corn. But we’ve decided this year to instead have the local organic Kilpatrick Family Farm transform it into organic soil. They will work the fields to grow and raise all sorts of organic produce on our behalf. As a furniture manufacturer and soon-to-be organic food provider for our employees, we more deeply align with our eco-friendly, eco-conscious solid wood furniture efforts; which hold a valued direction in how we manufacture our furniture made in the USA.

To learn more about the Kilpatrick Family Farm, CSA Farming (like this), as well as all the other benefits of organic farming and its process visit their site: