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Made in USA Manufacturing: Forbes Says…

February 17, 2014

Made in USA Manufacturing -“more than half of made in USA manufacturing executives at companies with sales more than $1 billion plan re-shore production to the U.S. from China or are actively considering it, according to a 2013 survey by The Boston Consulting Group.”*

In a recent Forbes article Why ‘Made In The USA’ Is Making A Comeback discusses the hopes of major corporations “re-shoring” production to re-strengthen a once boisterous made in USA manufacturing culture. The biggest competitive advantage of a domestic supply chain for consumers? Shipping time.

With a long supply chain K’NEX had to make bets on which property would be hot six months or more ahead of the holiday shopping season, says CEO Michael Areten…

“We got a call from a retailer a few weeks before Christmas that they had shelf space to fill, and I told them we’ll make the products this week and fill the shelves next week,” Araten says. “You can’t do that if you’re bringing it in from Asia.”

We’d have to agree with this assessment on a macro level for the made in USA manufacturing discussion. Aside from quality and customer care, which we so strongly believe in at Manchester Wood delivery is a key element to success. Most of our handcrafted solid wood furniture made in the USA is packed and shipped typically within 48 hours of the order taking place. With most customers receiving their furniture within a week. Free shipping too! It’s not a bad business model for a small family-run furniture manufacturer like us. Discover the benefits of made in USA manufacturing, whether through large retailers carrying American made products or through local and direct retail outlets.

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