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Made in USA Stamp War: US Flags, State Parks

February 26, 2014

Made in USA StampA recent battle of the Made in USA stamp on all American Flags and merchandise in National Parks Service gift shops.

The Department of Defense has recently made an amendment to purchasing rules, requiring it to only buy “completely American-made flags” (Petrecca, USA Today). Surprisingly, and perhaps not to some, many U.S. flags at military bases have been made in China as of late.

This week’s USA Today article “U.S. flags at military bases must be 100% American-made” stated that:

While the Department of Defense’s major flag vendors are American companies, the flag material — such as ink and fabric — could have come from foreign markets prior to the change.

“Our men (and) women in uniform should serve under American-made flags,” Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., said on his Facebook page last week. He proposed the legislation requiring the flags to be 100% American-made. Continue Reading…