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Testimonial: Mission Furniture

May 28, 2015

Mission Furniture: Testimonial


I am very pleased with this product and company. Previous furniture purchases from China always came damaged and was falsely called “solid wood” when it was particle board. The Manchester furniture is truly solid wood, well-crafted and easy to assemble. In addition, the packaging was well thought out and sturdy with no damage. Price is also much more reasonable than competitors. RECOMMENDED!!

-Brant, Customer 5/13/15


American Made Wood Furniture, Featured Furniture, Solid Wood

Mission Furniture Made in USA

June 5, 2014

Mission Furniture Made in USAManchester Wood has been making quality, affordable Mission Furniture made in USA for over 30 years. So it’s no wonder the best catalogs in the country want to showcase it.

Mission furniture made in USA… seems fitting right? After all, the design of Mission furniture began in early American history (The word mission references the Spanish missions throughout colonial California). At Manchester Wood we’ve built Mission furniture exclusively for some of the top American heritage brands in the country, and today we offer you our exclusive line at

The “Mission Style” has become a fixture in countless American homes. Our collection draws on this rich tradition to bring you a wide variety of quality, affordable hardwood furniture.

The most striking feature of Mission furniture is its straight, vertical lines. Our authentic solid wood rendition allows us to showcase the grain of our rich North American hardwood supplied locally in the Northeast of America. These pieces of furniture are elegant, yet durable, and are sure to complement almost any room in your house.

From our assortment of Mission desks, end tables, and coffee tables, where do you find the Mission style to most fit your home?

American Made Wood Furniture, Featured Furniture

Manchester Wood Mission in Mission Furniture

March 18, 2014

Our Mission in Mission Furniture is to provide you the best prices with the best quality. Solid hardwood furniture made in America, and built to last.

Mission Furniture: Mission End TableAt Manchester Wood we’re motivated to provide you quality solid wood furniture at an affordable price with all the premium assets that come with the value in the furniture we provide you — with Free Shipping Always nonetheless; right to your door. Our Mission in Mission Furniture is no different.

Manchester Wood strives to couple tradition with modern accessibility, offering a timeless piece of American furniture; and in Mission furniture, like our Shaker, there is certainly history. “Mission furniture is a style of furniture that originated in the late 19th Century… The term mission furniture was first popularized by Joseph P. McHugh of New York, a furniture manufacturer and retailer… The word mission references the Spanish missions throughout colonial California… The style became increasingly popular following the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo in 1901. The style was popularly associated with the American Arts and Crafts movement” (Wikipedia).

We’re always interested in what we craft. How it originated, and what it means to our roots and history is important to us in making authentic American furniture. We imagine you might find it interesting too. America is wide and vast, rich in heritage, and Mission furniture certainly conveys that. We hope you find what you’re looking for on Compared to our competitors you might feel there’s a catch with our pricing, but there isn’t. Our mission, not just with Mission furniture, is offering you the most affordable options in quality solid wood furniture because our heirloom furniture in your home means more to us than boosting our bottom line.

Sustainably harvested hardwood, American made craftsmanship, affordable prices and a Quality Guarantee… you can’t beat that.