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Shaker Tables: Timeless Quality

June 18, 2014

Shaker Tables at Manchester Wood

Shaker tables have a storied legacy… We continue to tell it in timeless quality, fashion, and design.

Manchester Wood’s Shaker tables have a story too, beyond the original Shaker style furniture origins. It begins in the mid-70’s in a tiny bustling tourist town called Manchester, Vermont – an hour drive from the actual inception of Shaker furniture. Manchester is nestled in between the Taconic and Green Mountain ranges. It’s attraction has grown and grown as more people discover it’s quaint, charming essence – not to mention the beautiful foliage and ski seasons at Stratton and Bromley nearby. In fact, the iconic Burton Snowboards started in Manchester. We unloaded their first pallet of plywood snowboards and shared our knowledge that would later assist in the creation of their first production facility there.

As time went on Manchester Wood, much like Shaker furniture evolved and found its subtle, natural craftsmanship elsewhere when we moved our operations just across the border in New York state. Manchester had outgrown us, and we found ourselves back in the countryside, nestled against another set of mountains… the Adirondacks.

How do Shaker tables and Manchester Wood have anything in common aside from our Shaker Collection? Well, we’re both subtle. Timeless in quality and fashion. There really isn’t much that’s changed for Shaker furniture. There really isn’t much that’s changed about Manchester Wood. Both are here for the function and freedom that comes with American ingenuity and expression.

Experience our Shaker tables and the storied legacy they carry not only as a style, but as apart of our brand. Do you have a Shaker furniture story? Share with us in the comment section below!

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Shaker Furniture Style: Timeless Appeal

May 16, 2014

Shaker Furniture Style: Large DeskThe Shaker furniture style is one that will never go away in home and office design. It’s a timeless appeal that finds its way in urban and rural settings alike. What makes this style, originating from the colonial era carry such a crossover appeal in the modern American home?

Shaker furniture style is a very distinctive look in furniture. It was first developed by Shakers which had beliefs reflected in the well-made furniture of minimalist designs. Shakers were early settlers in colonial America, with initial settlements in Lebanon, New York and what is now Watervliet, about an hour from our mill in the Adirondack foothills of upstate New York.

The Shaker furniture style is made thoughtfully, with functional form and proportion. Shaker tables and desks are generally made of cherry (our Cherry Shaker furniture available here), maple or pine lumber.

We produce our Shaker furniture out of solid Ash hardwood and solid Cherry hardwood with four finish choices among the two tree species. Our take on the Shaker furniture style is popular to our customer because we keep the same simple traditional design along with modern edging (found in our Cherry Shaker furniture) and distinct, thoughtful craftsmanship. Warming a room in subtlety, that’s the appeal of the Shaker furniture style to us… What about you? What appeals to you about Shaker furniture?

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Cherry Coffee Tables on

February 18, 2014

Cherry Coffee Tables at Manchester WoodThe delight of cherry coffee tables can be found in our American made furniture.

From the Round Cherry Coffee Tables (pictured right), Oval Cherry Coffee Tables, and an assortment of Shaker Cherry Coffee Tables, Manchester Wood has what you’re looking for when it comes to authentic solid cherry furniture.

Our solid wood coffee tables are authentically made with solid hardwood. And with our cherry coffee table it’s specifically American cherry hardwood. Resourced locally in well-maintained forests in New England and upstate New York. Made with an emphasis on quality to ensure they will last for many years; as with the rest of our solid wood furniture collections. The delicate yet strong solid cherry furniture is no exception.

Available in either Natural Cherry or Heritage Cherry stain resistant lacquer finishes, our cherry coffee tables are sure to be a conversation piece in your living space as they have been for many over the last 30 years. Discover the richness of this affordable, handcrafted, solid wood furniture option today. You’ll find the delight that only cherry coffee tables bring to a home. Our customers have found truly authentic American made furniture choices at Manchester Wood. Both modern and traditional. All of them accessible and ageless in their features. The cherry coffee tables have been a rising customer favorite for the very reason it bridges all these apparent gaps in home design. Whether going for a traditional or modern look for your home, the choices in cherry coffee table have you covered. Make the centerpiece of your living space with a solid wood coffee table to last long and stand sturdy as your daily life bustles around it. 100% Made in USA, Free Shipping Always, and a Quality Guarantee. Crafted right at our mill in the Adirondack foothills of upstate New York.