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Solid Wood Bookcase Assortment

September 4, 2014

Solid Wood BookcaseWhen it comes to a solid wood bookcase we offer a variety of handcrafted American made options.

Our solid wood bookcase assortment takes on a more traditional aesthetic, at least for now. But that’s certainly not to say they’re out of touch with modern home design. The popular Mission Underwindow Bookshelf leads the collection with its compact size and formidable nature for storage with an adjustable shelf. It leaves a perfect amount of space for a small living or study room solution under a window.

The strong standing Green Mountain Bookcase is another best-seller with beautiful traditional New England lines. It stands at 54″ tall with two adjustable shelves, offering convenient space and sturdy design.

Aside from other bookcases, our selection of small accent shelving and baker’s racks in the collection have found convenience and practicality among many customers. From the Chairside Bookshelf and Mission 3-Shelf End Table, to the 12″ and 22″-wide baker’s racks, we have options great for every room including the kitchen.

All of our solid wood bookcases, shelves, and racks are made from sustainable American solid hardwood ash, and 100% made in the USA by our skilled employees in the foothills of Adirondacks in New York state. All of our orders come with our Quality Guarantee and arrive with Free Shipping Always to your door!

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

The Value of Solid Wood Bookshelves

June 13, 2013
Mission 46" Bookshelf

Mission 46" Bookshelf

At Manchester Wood we have an array of solid wood bookshelf furniture made in the USA. From Baker’s Shelves and Racks, to 3-shelf end tables, a Chairside Bookshelf, the practical options of our handcrafted solid wood furniture are ideal for any home. In this blog entry, we’re spotlighting a handful of solid wood bookshelves under the Mission furniture design.

Solid wood bookcases are an Americana staple; a showcase for valued books, photo albums, and artifacts of journey’s well spent. Our Mission 46” Bookshelf stands a nearly four feet tall with almost a foot between its three shelves offering ample space in classic form. It’s sister design, the Mission 30” Bookshelf is designed similarly to our popular Mission Underwindow Bookshelf with Adjustable Shelf which carries extra height, yet remaining with an ideal design around the windows. Both offer an adjustable shelf to fit your needs precisely.

Our classic Mission Bookcase, a solid wood bookshelf that stands four feet, six inches, with a depth of over a foot, and five shelves offers up storage space beyond our other present shelving options. It also features two adjustable shelves to meet your items that adorn this beautifully crafted piece of American made furniture.

Solid wood furniture ‘Made in USA’ 100% -- that's what we do. Solid wood bookshelves are an area of the American made furniture we provide; valued by the many customers we’ve provided, and continue to provide it to.

To shop our handcrafted solid wood bookshelves and bookcases, click here.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

Solid Wood Bookshelves

March 29, 2013

Manchester Wood's Mission Bookcase

Manchester Wood’s solid wood bookcases offer a number of options for keeping things organized while bringing authentic, Americana styling to any home or office setting. Built from renewable American hardwoods and designed for durability, our assortment of solid wood bookshelves will last many generations.

A popular solid wood bookshelf, the Mission Bookcase, is designed for any small spaces around the home. From the family room to the living room, bedroom, or even home office. This solid wood bookshelf is excellent for storing books and other items. There are three fixed shelves to allow for books, software, CDs, plants, toys, towels, or even framed photos of varying sizes.

The new and stylish Mission 3-Shelf Table is a classic piece of solid wood furniture that offers ample storage space with three shelves. As with our entire American made furniture collections, it’s resourced from sustainable American solid hardwood ash. This solid wood bookshelf is 100% made in the USA by our skilled employees and comes with our quality guarantee.

Our Mission 30″ Bookcase is the perfect height for fitting larger items that could not be placed on other solid wood bookcases. Inspired by our popular Mission Underwindow Bookcase design, these solid wood bookcases are likewise a great piece of furniture to use for storage below windows.

The Mission 30″ Bookcase can be used as a hallway table, sofa table, or for storage in a home office. The middle shelf is adjustable, so there is the versatility to customize the bookcase to fit your exact needs.