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New Solid Wood Furniture For Home

September 10, 2013

Manchester Wood has released new quality solid wood furniture made in the USA through the all-new Green Mountain Collection that’s currently offering its items through specified categories with a designated collection page in the near future. From solid wood bookshelves, convenient end tables with storage, and solid wood desks with unique practicality, these solid furniture items are built to last with lasting appeal.

Green Mountain Bookcase

Green Mountain Bookcase

The Green Mountain Collection provides a simple, humble, yet beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed end table, two bookshelves, and creative desk. All entirely made in America by skilled craftspeople in the Adirondack foothills of New York.

Discreet nesting for your magazines and daily reads with open shelving to showcase and offer ample space for more. The Green Mountain Magazine Rack End Table packs a lot of storage in its size with a design to keep things neat and orderly. Hide away books and magazines for easy access, while offering up open space to share prized possessions and daily items. This small end table will fit almost anywhere, from a spacious living room to small spaces found in an apartment or condo.

The Green Mountain Underwindow Bookshelf, like the Mission Underwindow Bookshelf, was designed to provide the most storage in the smallest amount of space. It features an adjustable shelf for customized storage. The shelving is perfect for keeping books, periodicals, or other items for daily life in easy access. Whether in the living room, study, bedroom, or office, the solid wood Green Mountain Underwindow Bookshelf merges past and present in American made furniture style with design, functionality, and quintessential fashion.

Accent your décor and provide ample showcasing storage with the Green Mountain Bookcase, a truly solid wood bookshelf. It stands at 54” tall with varying heights of 8 ½” to nearly 12” between shelves for all your items. Sturdy, and crafted from solid American hardwood, the Green Mountain Bookcase is designed for any small spaces around the home. From the family room to the living room, bedroom, or even home office, this solid wood bookshelf is excellent for storing books and other items. It has two adjustable shelves to allow for books, plants, toys, towels, or even framed photos, offering an array of space for all your unique items.

Green Mountain Writer's Drop Desk Cabinet

Green Mountain Writer’s Drop Desk Cabinet

Our Green Mountain Writer’s Drop Desk Cabinet is unique and practical, discreet and compactable, versatile and expansive; the ideas that make the Green Mountain Writer’s Drop Desk Cabinet are endless. In short, it’s an ideal work nook for a small living space, offering ample storage and shelving inside the cabinet as well as outside. This handcrafted solid wood desk is one-of-a-kind. The absolute country “nesting” feel is made known through this solid wood desk cabinet with a nesting design all of its own. Hide away your laptop, books, bills, and paperwork for easy access, while offering up open space to create with its desk space. The Green Mountain Collection provides this simple, humble, yet beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed solid wood desk.

Be sure to check out these beautiful heirloom quality crafted American made furniture pieces. Produced from sustainable solid American hardwood, this Green Mountain Collection of furniture is protected with a tough, durable acrylic finish. Built to last and backed by our Quality Guarantee.

Accent Tables, American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

Find Solid Furniture in Solid Wood Bookshelves

August 23, 2013

When seeking a solid, sturdy furniture piece I can’t help but think an important one would be a solid wood bookshelf. They hold small artifacts of our lives – awards, nick-knacks of travels, novels that we hold dear, cookbooks that nourish us, and important guides as references throughout our day. Bookshelves are an important aspect at home, and at Manchester Wood we not only specialize in solid furniture that’s built to last generations, we also specialize in solid wood bookshelves that are built to last generations while holding the items you hold close along the way.

Mission 46" Bookshelf

Mission 46″ Bookshelf

A few examples from our Mission Collection, would be our Mission 46” Bookshelf, which is a classic piece of solid wood furniture that offers ample storage space with three fixed shelves. Also, the Mission Bookcase carries five shelves featuring two adjustable shelves to allow for items of varying heights. Then there’s the Mission Underwindow Bookshelf with Adjustable Shelf, which was designed to provide the most storage in the smallest amount of space. It features an adjustable shelf for easily customized storage; and its compact profile means it can fit in any number of tight spaces. The Mission 30” Bookshelf, at just 30 inches high is designed to fit into larger vertical spaces than the Mission Underwindow Bookshelf design. The extra height allows for larger books, or other items. With an adjustable shelf in the middle there is versatility to make the bookcase fit your needs exactly. Of course all our mission furniture is made from sustainable American solid hardwood ash, and 100% made in the USA by our skilled employees with our Quality Guarantee.

At Manchester Wood we also produce some of the finest top end tables in the country. When seeking small end tables and end tables with storage look no further than Our wooden end tables however bridge to bookshelves with the Chairside Bookshelf, merging a solid wood bookshelf with a small end table at only 11” wide. It’s a great space saver! With two shelves to display your favorite books, collectibles, or magazines and a top surface that doubles as an end or side table it makes a great alternative for compact solid wood bookshelves.

All our products are crafted at our own mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

The Value of Solid Wood Bookshelves

June 13, 2013
Mission 46" Bookshelf

Mission 46" Bookshelf

At Manchester Wood we have an array of solid wood bookshelf furniture made in the USA. From Baker’s Shelves and Racks, to 3-shelf end tables, a Chairside Bookshelf, the practical options of our handcrafted solid wood furniture are ideal for any home. In this blog entry, we’re spotlighting a handful of solid wood bookshelves under the Mission furniture design.

Solid wood bookcases are an Americana staple; a showcase for valued books, photo albums, and artifacts of journey’s well spent. Our Mission 46” Bookshelf stands a nearly four feet tall with almost a foot between its three shelves offering ample space in classic form. It’s sister design, the Mission 30” Bookshelf is designed similarly to our popular Mission Underwindow Bookshelf with Adjustable Shelf which carries extra height, yet remaining with an ideal design around the windows. Both offer an adjustable shelf to fit your needs precisely.

Our classic Mission Bookcase, a solid wood bookshelf that stands four feet, six inches, with a depth of over a foot, and five shelves offers up storage space beyond our other present shelving options. It also features two adjustable shelves to meet your items that adorn this beautifully crafted piece of American made furniture.

Solid wood furniture ‘Made in USA’ 100% -- that's what we do. Solid wood bookshelves are an area of the American made furniture we provide; valued by the many customers we’ve provided, and continue to provide it to.

To shop our handcrafted solid wood bookshelves and bookcases, click here.