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American Made Solid Wood Cabinets

January 27, 2013

Manchester Wood: American Made Furniture Jelly Cabinets

When searching storage options for the kitchen, as well as for the home office, dining room, or study room, look no further than the solid wood furniture made in the USA by Manchester Wood. Our well-crafted cabinetry with Americana country favored styling is one of the more popular, yet often overlooked, options in Shaker furniture style.

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer’s Made in America series featured our Tall Double Jelly Cabinet on a ‘Made in USA Home Makeover’ edition last season. Among other options of our solid wood cabinets are the Double Jelly Cabinet, Tall Jelly Cabinet, and Side Table.

The term ‘Jelly Cabinet’ dates back to early America and it was used — as one might expect — for holding “the jams and jellies through canning from seasonal gardens. Jelly was important when fresh fruit was lacking from the diet due to the [area’s colder, non-harvesting seasons.] The cabinets protected produce (and occasionally baked goods) from rodents in days before refrigerators were widely used and homes lacked built-in cabinets. The cabinets were constructed of materials such as wood with iron strap hinges. They were mainly used in the kitchen, but as they became popular to place in other rooms of the house (and to store more than jelly), the wood and finish used became more refined.” *read more: What Is a Jelly Cabinet? |

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