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Mission Solid Wood Bookshelves

September 17, 2013
Mission 46" Bookshelf

Mission 46″ Bookshelf

Our solid wood furniture options at Manchester Wood are extensive. From solid wood TV stands to solid wood desks, coffee tables, end tables, and beyond, our assortment is vast and always growing. So when you’re thinking of shelving storage options we’d love for you to consider our solid wood bookshelves. You’ll find items like our Mission 46” Bookshelf, a classic piece of solid wood furniture that offers ample storage space with three fixed shelves. As with most all our American made furniture, it’s crafted from solid American hardwood at our own mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York.

At 30 inches high, our Mission 30” Solid Wood Bookshelf is designed to fit into larger vertical spaces than our original “underwindow” design, providing extra height for larger items and versatility to make the bookcase fit your needs exactly. The “underwindow” Mission Solid Wood Bookcase was originally designed to sit under a window, its compact profile means it can fit in any number of tight spaces. The adjustable shelf allows maximum book storage regardless of size.

The Mission solid wood bookshelves we produce feature a simple, yet elegant, design and are available in either our dark Chestnut or Golden Oak finish. The net result is a subtle, beautiful and durable solid wood bookcase that fits perfectly in nearly any room or situation. Shop these bookshelves and the rest of our wood furniture at

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Fall In Our Adirondack Chairs

August 20, 2013
A couple years ago - our Adirondack chair on a fall catalog cover of a leading retailer.

A couple years ago – our Adirondack chair on a fall catalog cover of a leading retailer.

Not literally! …But then again, you may want to! 🙂

The season of fall is approaching, and for our area it means cooler, crisp air, and bright colorful leaves, celebrating the final months ‘til winter. It also means a festive time for the outdoors. Our Adirondack Folding Chairs are ideal for those nights around the fire with friends and family, days with a loved one in our Adirondack Love Seat or Adirondack Tete-A-Tete, making room to put your cup of coffee or hot chocolate as you take in the beauty of the season. For us, this is one of our favorite seasons with the Adirondack chairs!

As our recent company video Quality always finds a home states, “Made in the USA furniture is our pride and creed…it flows through each part of the process and each material used here,” and as American furniture manufacturers making classic solid wood furniture in the foothills of the Adirondacks it makes sense why we share with pride our love of Adirondack furniture with you with our all-new Adirondack Collection.

Summer may be nearing an end, but the season for the Adirondack chair is still going strong. Be sure to check out our discounted sets as well as other fresh variations of outdoor furniture we’ve proudly made for years on

Manchester Wood is a family owned and operated company that has been designing and producing quality solid wood furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York for over 35 years.  Since Manchester Wood’s inception in 1976, the company has worked to sustain jobs for American workers and is proud to offer truly American made furniture.

Solid Wood

What’s the Fuss About Cherry?

June 10, 2013

We would like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on our Solid Cherry Furniture Collection and explain what makes cherry such a desirable material when it comes to hardwood furniture.

There are many species of cherry trees in the world. Some produce the cherries that you find in the supermarket, others are known for their beautiful blossoms. As furniture makers, we have different concerns: we make our solid cherry furniture out of the black cherry tree (Prunus serotina) which features neither succulent fruit nor lush blossoms.

Black cherry can be recognized by its distinctive bark.

Black cherry can be recognized by its distinctive bark.

The virtues of black cherry lie in the wood itself.  It can grow to be quite large, occasionally measuring almost a hundred feet tall and fifty inches in diameter, which means that it can be used to make nice wide boards that showcase the grain.

Grain is a major reason that solid cherry furniture is so desirable: it is usually tight and straight, making it easy to work, yet rippled, creating a complex yet subtle pattern that is very pleasing to the eye. The beautiful grain also accentuates the natural colors of the wood. Cherry is known for its distinctive pinkish hue. When the wood is first harvested, the color can be understated, but over time it becomes richer and darker, much like mahogany. We further enhance the beauty of the wood by applying finishes that are specifically intended to accent the beautiful color already present in cherry.

If you are interested in our cherry products, check our Rectangular Cherry Coffee Table. It has an nice broad surface that shows off the wood’s rich grain, as well as a lower shelf for out-of-the-way storage of magazines, books, remotes or other living room clutter. Generally, when it comes to coffee tables, cherry is one of our favorite materials, as they are often the surface that people spend the most time looking at in their homes.

Another one of our favorites is our Cherry Shaker Sofa Console Table. Our sofa tables are designed to go either behind or next to a couch. They are sleek enough to not take up extra space while simultaneously providing enough surface area to be useful. Cherry sofa tables can be combined with a cherry coffee table and a cherry end table to create a stunning living room set that will have your guests fawning all over it.

As with everything we make, our solid cherry furniture is 100% made in the USA using timber from sustainable forests.