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American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood, TV and Media Stands

The Dynamics of TV Stands Solid Wood

November 4, 2013
Mission Media Stand

Mission Media Stand

Manchester Wood offers an assortment of solid wood tables, including small end tables, accent coffee tables, solid wood desks, and more. Among our wide selection are TV stands in wood. Our Mission Console Media Stand, Hanover Media & Gaming Stand, Farmhouse Media Center, and Black Mountain Console Table to just name a few carry the timeless Americana solid wood furniture ‘made in the USA’ appeal of Manchester Wood’s hallmark heirloom quality.

Media TV stands, like our Mission Media Stand are perfect in a bedroom, family room, or living room. Our media center furniture provides stylish surfaces and shelving for your television and other media. Our Farmhouse Media Center, like the rest of our solid wood TV stands, is carefully crafted from select solid American hardwood for a quality that will last generations.

Solid wood furniture means a solid product…and sturdy. Most of our media TV stands are able to hold over 500 pounds, and are designed to be both versatile and durable. Available in Chestnut and Golden Oak finishes, our media furniture undergoes multiple quality checks during its construction to ensure our company’s Quality Guarantee.

To find out more on our company policies, and to shop our handcrafted media TV stands and our other assortments of affordable quality solid wood furniture, visit

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood, TV and Media Stands

Solid Wood TV Media Stands

September 5, 2013
Mission Console Media Stand

Mission Console Media Stand

At Manchester Wood we offer some of the finest solid wood tables handcrafted straight from our mill in the foothills of the Adirondacks. Our TV media stands are made from select solid American hardwood. From white ash to solid cherry, these solid wood stands are built to last generations like the American classic antiques that inspired them.

Our Contemporary Media Stand adds sophistication to any room. The sleek design provides plenty of space for a TV and all other media, from the digital box, to the DVD player, to your children’s favorite video game console. Designed to hold up to a 50-inch flat screen television and built with incredible durability and strength, this media stand is one of our most popular pieces of contemporary solid wood furniture. With convenient shelving for entertainment devices, it is a very versatile wooden TV stand.

A customer favorite, the Mission Console Media Stand is sturdy, beautiful, and conventional. It’s able to hold over 350 pounds. This TV media stand includes spacious shelving for entertainment devices as well as a convenient cabinet with hinged doors and adjustable shelving. The Mission Console Media Stand’s great features make it a popular item for an ever-increasing amount of media and electronics, merging modern functionality with traditional design.

The final solid wood table spotlight in this entry is our beautifully crafted Black Mountain Console Table. Handcrafted from sustainable American hardwood and has a stunning silhouette with incredible durability. Perfect for flat screen TVs or storing and displaying other items.

All our solid wood furniture, from small end tables to coffee tables, desks, TV tray tables, folding Adirondack chairs, and these TV stands are all entirely crafted at our own mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York; 100% Made in USA furniture.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood, TV and Media Stands

TV Stands in Wood

July 17, 2013
Example of "particleboard" NOT FOUND in Manchester Wood's solid wood furniture.

Example of “particleboard” NOT FOUND in Manchester Wood’s solid wood furniture.

Many of the “wooden TV stands” on the market today are not actually wooden, they’re “composite wood,” which is a fancy way of saying particleboard.
Also known as “chipboard,” particleboard is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even saw dust. It’s been the demise of quality solid wood furniture and future heirloom antiques. It’s cheap, so it’s tempting. If yet we can consider truly wooden TV stands for a moment, the decision to choose solid wood stands can prove beneficial in both long and short-term use.

Mission Media Stand

Mission Media Stand

At Manchester Wood we produce solid wood furniture built to last the years with a sturdy natural resource in authentic solid wood lumber. We’re not using the shavings to make your product; we’re using the solid wood that creates those shavings. The premium nature of our furniture made in the USA can seem daunting in price, yet if you look around our site you’ll find the affordability as a factor in purchasing an heirloom American made piece. It is a quality untouched by the particleboard wood furniture you’ll find in most major retailers.

In viewing our TV media stands, take a look around at our TV stands in wood. For instance our Mission Media Stand, solid wood like all the rest of our furniture. The Shaker Entertainment Console, a piece of Shaker style furniture that features great Shakers furniture lines that have stood the test of time, with an excellent home for your flat screen television and media accessories. Also, the Farmhouse Media Stand, built from rugged American solid ash hardwood with 8/4 solid ash legs to hold up any entertainment unit with elegant Americana design.

These are just a few spotlighted options of TV stands in wood, and we’re proud to offer these and all our other TV media stands, end tables, coffee tables, TV tray tables, and beyond entirely of solid wood, guaranteeing you the best furniture experience.