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TV Tray Tables: A Necessary Function

February 24, 2014

TV Tray Tables at Manchester WoodThe Distinct Quality of TV Tray Tables at Manchester Wood

Manchester Wood harks back to an era with unprecedented fervor for modern appeal and function with our TV Tray Tables. With popular folding TV trays like our Contemporary Folding TV Tray Table Set of 4, leaving customers on Amazon like Mary saying:

TV Tray Tables Review for Manchester Wood


Just received these TV trays and was very pleased with the quality and appearance of them! These were higher priced than some of the others, but well worth it…solid wood that will last for years, perfect size with a slight curve on one side to fit your body when you are using them while sitting on the couch, etc. I am SO glad I paid a little extra to get this kind of quality!

Whether on Amazon or, you’ll find many thoughtful customer reviews and referrals on our TV Tray Tables. We’ve been shipping them nearly everyday for over 30 years so we’d like to think we’re doing something right. Discover the difference of our solid wood TV Tray Tables that take the “wobble” out of tray tables and provide a sturdy desk for work, play, a productive meal or dinner.

Built from sustainable American ash hardwood, our folding TV Tray Tables are designed to last generations. The folding tables have a smooth double glide design that facilitates easy folding and storage. The sets come with a stand that holds all tray tables (options in sets of 2 or 4) neatly in great stow-away design. The tray tables also come with an easy wipe-off stain resistant lacquer finish in your choice of Golden Oak or Chestnut. Like all our solid wood furniture at Manchester Wood; it’s Made in the USA furniture, handcrafted to last for generations.
American Made Wood Furniture, Featured Furniture, TV Tray Tables

TV Tray Tables: Made in USA Furniture

January 30, 2014

TV Tray Tables by Manchester WoodTV Tray Tables could possibly be the most conventional item around the home.

How do you shop for TV tray tables? Is there something in particular you’re looking for? We’ve found over the last 35 years making folding TV tables that our customers are gleefully surprised when they come across our folding table tray collection. We hear a lot from customers when buying USA made furniture that they look for TV tray dinner tables that are solid, sturdy, and don’t rock around (especially with lots of stuff on them!).

Our folding trays are produced from solid ash American hardwood. They’re known for being solid and sturdy right from the very fibers they came from. Milled by local lumbermen and crafted by our locally dedicated and talented craftspeople at our facility right here in the Adirondack foothills of upstate New York. No throwaway, cheap TV tray tables here. We’re talking affordable quality TV tray tables made in the USA. That appears to be a hard find… well at least some of our customers have said that before finding us. So, at expect not only finding a quality folding tray table. Expect finding some of the finest affordable solid wood furniture on the market today.

Take a look around our site, discover what our customers are saying about our TV tray tables and other solid wood furniture products. Shop our most popular furniture items ‘made in the USA’ entirely; and we expect you’ll find just what you’re looking for. Be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Manchester Wood designs and produces quality, affordable, eco-friendly solid wood furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood, TV Tray Tables

Holiday Gift Guide Product Spotlight: Contemporary Folding TV Tray Table Set of 4

November 29, 2013

Our most popular item during our Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale is a steal! Nearly *$45 off + Free Shipping! A practical, quality, and portable gift!

Our Contemporary Folding TV Tray Table Set of 4 offers you an exclusive popular design of our solid wood folding tray tables made perfect for the home or office space. Crafted from sustainable Northeast hardwood at our mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York, they are super sturdy, and built to last generations. Longtime customer favorites for over thirty years, our TV trays feature a double glide design that allows for easy folding and storage. Set up or store it away in seconds. The set comes with a stand that holds all 4 TV tray tables neatly. The tray tables have an easy wipe-off stain resistant lacquer finish, offered in your choice of either Golden Oak or Chestnut.

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*From November 28th through December 2nd 2013 if you purchase 2 or more items using the coupon code ‘Surprise’ at checkout you receive 15% off your order! Including our Free Shipping Always! This item is not sold individually at nearly $45 off.