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Manchester Wood Announces Holiday Gift Guide & Sale

November 3, 2014

Manchester Wood Holiday Gift GuideFor the entire season Manchester Wood is offering discounts and sales incentives on select home furniture items, handpicked for ideal gifts.

Throughout the holidays, Manchester Wood: American Made Furniture is offering a gift guide page on select products that we find as great shopping choice items. Also we’ll have discounts and sales throughout the season store-wide and on particular solid wood furniture items as well, including the popular Oval Cherry Coffee Table and Chairside Drawer Table, as well as our famous folding Adirondack Chair, and new items such as the Compact Workstation Table and Nesting Shaker Tables.

Along with the numerous sales on our 100% Made in USA solid wood furniture that’s made – here – at “the mill” in the foothills of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York, we’ll be offering our FREE monthly giveaway this month on Gratitude.

As the holidays move along, our social media and blog will be active with product spotlights including a rotation on each product’s unique backstory in the holiday guide, as well as news from around the factory and its busiest time of year, shipping deadlines, and general merriment around a holiday season we feel showcases our best offering yet of handcrafted solid wood furniture.

Manchester Wood has designed and produced quality, affordable, eco-friendly solid wood American made furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York for nearly 40 years. Free Shipping on every order backed by a Quality Guarantee.

American Made Wood Furniture, Top Posts

Furniture Made in the USA: The Growing Trends

February 18, 2014

Furniture Made in the USA - Manchester WoodAbe Abbas on Furniture Made in the USA: “There are many trends driving a greater demand in American made furniture and home furnishings.”

Customization and environmental awareness Abbas says is driving consumer demand for furniture made in the USA. The Furniture writer claims (to our delight) that “Consumers have begun paying more attention to American made furniture… Environmental awareness has led some consumers to ask for furniture that is locally made to reduce its carbon footprint.” Read about Manchester Wood’s environmental standards here to answer one of the many reasons we keep our furniture made in the USA. Abbas continued, “As demand drives manufacturing, some manufacturers have been paying attention to this demand. There is an increase in American made furniture and home furnishings as a result.” Take a moment and read about our attention to detail with generations of craftsmanship at Manchester Wood.

We used an ad yesterday “You Can’t Import History” as part of our President’s Day celebration. And the phrase means a lot to us on several levels. For one, you can’t replace the legacy of American made no matter how hard you try. Two, you can’t beat the styles Manchester Wood offers that hark back to days gone by, yet with a timeless appeal designed for the modern generation. And you can’t compare the quality furniture made in the USA we offer at a price within range to a cheaper “knock-off” built overseas with inhumane work ethics and codes to keep it cheaper. You can’t replace legacy and tradition, you can’t beat timeless styles with new offerings, and you can’t compare the quality of our furniture made in the USA proudly since 1976.

Manchester Wood designs and produces quality, affordable, eco-friendly solid wood furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York.

American Made Wood Furniture, Top Posts

Made in USA: Why Is It Vital?

February 1, 2014

How Made in USA = Jobs in America

You’ll find us writing a lot about furniture made in the USA here. The importance and value it means to our community and our brand. American made is carried in our namesake and for good reason. Not only are we a 100% Made in USA furniture provider, we also keep track of made in USA news. And hold pride for being a generational family business in America, promoting our working here in America too. Unfortunately we’re somewhat of a novelty these days because of that. Producing made in the USA furniture and still living by our family creed. It’s a far different time from when our founder Cliff Pierce founded our company.

So when we came across the ‘Made in USA’ film by Josh Miller (watch trailer below), we became re-inspired for the work we do as American furniture manufacturers.

Made in USA FilmThe film is called Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey. Be sure to visit the film website here and order a copy.

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