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American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

The Benefit of Solid Wood Furniture Made in USA

October 10, 2013


From quality solid wood cabinets to solid wood tables, stands, bookcases, and chairs, Manchester Wood’s solid wood furniture (mentions are beyond known – we talk a lot about it) are a large part of our product descriptions and information. We surround the fact we make solid furniture, “built to last.” The major reason we tout our American made furniture made of solid wood is because of the benefits it provides on an individual customer level as well to the community at-large. Solid wood furniture has proven itself for thousands upon thousands of years… it lasts a long, long time. At Manchester Wood we’re inspired by classic antiques, as well as new innovations in furniture and coupling those together makes the timeless furniture we provide in solid wood. Simply, we want our furniture to last generations as an heirloom piece for you and your family.

Since solid wood furniture lasts a long time and is produced on local, environmentally safe standards it provides an eco-friendly, less landfill approach to consumerism. Mix that with the rising popularity of products made in America to help enrich and support a local economy and you’ve found the key ingredients of what makes Manchester Wood furniture so special, along with many other companies of the like creating made in USA furniture. Take a chance today, complete your living space with heirloom quality solid wood furniture made in the USA.

To shop our online store and discover more about solid wood furniture including wood finishes and our Quality Guarantee, click here.

TV and Media Stands

Solid Wood Furniture for the 21st Century

April 2, 2013

Solid wood furniture is frequently presented as very traditional. When we started our company in the ‘70s, we realized the old-fashioned appeal of solid wood furniture and focused on classic products like our Adirondack Chairs. Our Granville, NY wood furniture plant is still making these classics a third of a century later. However, American lifestyles and household needs have changed drastically over the past four decades. These changes propelled us to constantly update our product line to offer solid wood furniture that offered modern functionality combined with traditional American craftsmanship and style.

Our TV and Media Stands are prime examples of our efforts to combine the modern American home with classic American furniture. Over the past few decades, the number of electronic devices in the average American living room has skyrocketed. Rabbit-eared TVs have been replaced by flat screens, DVD players, gaming consoles and surround sound systems. Our solid wood TV stands are great for organizing all those myriad electronic without settling for something made out of particle board.

Our Farmhouse Media Center

Our Farmhouse Media Center

In need of a solid wood media stand? We offer a wide variety of wood entertainment centers to make sure that our customers can find the perfect one for their home. Our Farmhouse Media Center is capable of supporting up to a 54” TV and has ample shelf and cabinet space for cable boxes, gaming consoles, DVDs and anything else you’d want to keep under the TV. Like the rest of our wood TV stands, it features an open back for easy cable wrangling. In need of a simpler media stand? Try the Mission Media Stand. It features two wide shelves under a broad tabletop and can also be used for books or pictures.

If you are considering buying one of our wooden TV stands, consider that our American-made furniture is built using only sustainably harvested hardwood, as certified by the Safe Forest Initiative. By selecting our products, you aren’t just making a good choice for the American economy, you’re making a good choice for the planet.


Solid Wood

The Virtues of Solid Cherry Furniture

February 11, 2013

Cherry wood has long been a popular choice for furniture makers. Its rich, red hue and complex, rippled grain combine with its strength to make solid cherry furniture a much sought-after commodity. Another reason that solid cherry furniture is so desirable is that, like mahogany, cherry grows darker and richer with age.

We use American Black Cherry because it grows locally, its a nice wood to work and takes stain well. The end result is beautiful, distinctly American furniture. Our full collection, featuring a wide variety of cherry tables, can be viewed here.

Need a something to tie the living room together and turn heads at the same time? When it comes to coffee tables, cherry is always a safe bet. For example: check out our Oval Cherry Coffee Table. This piece features a broad surface that will show the grain of the wood and a lower shelf for storing periodicals, books and remotes. We also offer cherry coffee tables in a variety of other shapes and styles so that you can find one to suit any room.

Our Oval Cherry Table with Heritage Cherry Finish

Our Oval Cherry Table with Heritage Cherry Finish

If you are looking for a cherry table that sits a little higher off the ground, our Cherry Sofa Console Table is worth considering. This table is designed to work in a variety of spaces, like behind sofas and in the front hallway. Its sleek build helps it offer substantial surface area without being bulky and dominating the room.

Looking for something smaller? Our collection features a wide selection of cherry end tables that look great by themselves and even better when paired with a cherry coffee table.

Like everything else we make, our solid cherry furniture is made using only sustainably harvested North American lumber and is backed by our 100% Quality Guarantee. All the pieces in our Solid Cherry Collection are available in either our Natural or Heritage Cherry finishes, both of which accentuate the wood’s naturally luxurious grain.