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American Made Wood Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture in America

February 8, 2013

If you are familiar with our company, you have probably noticed that we have an interest in American history. In the state of New York, wood furniture has long been a part of the economic and cultural fabric. So, as makers of solid wooden furniture, we see ourselves as part of a centuries old tradition of American craftsmanship.

The fact that our furniture is made in the USA is not the only thing that makes us a part of this tradition: we draw much of our inspiration from the rich heritage of American furniture. In particular, our Shaker and Mission Collections feature variations on designs that have been popular in America for centuries. In fact, our factory is located less than 75 miles from the original Shaker settlement in Watervliet, NY, where the first shaker style furniture was manufactured.

Adirondack Chair

Our Innovative Folding Adirondack Chair

Although we have significant respect for American traditions, it is important to remember that innovation is perhaps the most important of our national ideals. We continue to make shaker desks and shaker tables, but we have also created items like the Shaker Entertainment Console, which is designed to organize modern electronics while still maintaining a classic American style.

Another good example of how we move American traditions forward is our selection of Adirondack chairs. These rustic chairs were first produced over a century ago in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Due to our close proximity to the Adirondacks and the simple design of Adirondack chairs, they were one of the first items we started producing over 30 years ago.

We saw the potential to make something great even better. The final result was our folding Adirondack Chair, which can be easily folded and stored during the winter months. Many people keep their outdoor furniture outside during the harsher months, drastically reducing its longevity, just because they don’t have space for it inside. This was the problem we sought to address with our Adirondack folding chairs.

Another important American tradition is conservation. It may be coincidental that Teddy Roosevelt created the first national parks right around the time that the first Adirondack chair was made, but we see an important connection between solid wood furniture made in the USA and a sustainable environment. All of our lumber is sustainably harvested from North American hardwood forests, and since all our furniture is made in the USA, you can be confident that it has a much smaller environmental impact that something sent here from China.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

American Made Solid Wood Cabinets

January 27, 2013

Manchester Wood: American Made Furniture Jelly Cabinets

When searching storage options for the kitchen, as well as for the home office, dining room, or study room, look no further than the solid wood furniture made in the USA by Manchester Wood. Our well-crafted cabinetry with Americana country favored styling is one of the more popular, yet often overlooked, options in Shaker furniture style.

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer’s Made in America series featured our Tall Double Jelly Cabinet on a ‘Made in USA Home Makeover’ edition last season. Among other options of our solid wood cabinets are the Double Jelly Cabinet, Tall Jelly Cabinet, and Side Table.

The term ‘Jelly Cabinet’ dates back to early America and it was used — as one might expect — for holding “the jams and jellies through canning from seasonal gardens. Jelly was important when fresh fruit was lacking from the diet due to the [area’s colder, non-harvesting seasons.] The cabinets protected produce (and occasionally baked goods) from rodents in days before refrigerators were widely used and homes lacked built-in cabinets. The cabinets were constructed of materials such as wood with iron strap hinges. They were mainly used in the kitchen, but as they became popular to place in other rooms of the house (and to store more than jelly), the wood and finish used became more refined.” *read more: What Is a Jelly Cabinet? |

Support American furniture manufacturers and discover the quality of solid wood furniture made in the USA. Shop today.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

“American Made” and “Solid Wood”: What Do They Mean?

November 5, 2012

All of the solid wood furniture that Manchester Wood produces is made entirely in the USA.

When describing our furniture, there are two terms that we are particularly fond of: “American Made” and “Solid Wood”. These phrases don’t just sound good; they actually have specific definitions that we adhere to rigorously when making our furniture. What does it really mean to produce solid wood furniture that is made in the USA?

Because of the enduring stellar reputation surrounding American craftsmanship, the phrases “American Made” and “Made in the USA” have come to symbolize that a product exhibits quality workmanship and materials. Unfortunately, some disingenuous businesses try to mislead their customers about the origins of their products. Accordingly, the Federal Trade Commission issues guidelines as to which products can be called American Made and which cannot. If a company flaunts these rules, the FTC has the authority to prosecute. Consumers should be careful to differentiate between the labels “Made in the USA” and “Assembled in the USA”, which is a lesser distinction that means that the components of the product in question are from foreign countries and they were merely put together in this one.

When we say our furniture is solid wood, we mean that it is made out of plain lumber, not plywood or particle board. These types of processed building materials are known as engineered wood. Solid wood is the much more durable of the two, to say nothing of its aesthetic superiority. These advantages make solid wood the clear choice for quality furniture.

Although it may be cheaper to produce furniture overseas using engineered wood, we know that no such product can hope to compete with our American made solid wood furniture. We endeavor to make the best product possible, and this means using the best materials and the best workers we can find, both of which are right here in America, as our satisfied customers can attest to. We hope everyone will continue to buy American, thereby supporting our domestic economy and American manufacturing.