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Furniture Made in the USA: The Growing Trends

February 18, 2014

Furniture Made in the USA - Manchester WoodAbe Abbas on Furniture Made in the USA: “There are many trends driving a greater demand in American made furniture and home furnishings.”

Customization and environmental awareness Abbas says is driving consumer demand for furniture made in the USA. The Furniture writer claims (to our delight) that “Consumers have begun paying more attention to American made furniture… Environmental awareness has led some consumers to ask for furniture that is locally made to reduce its carbon footprint.” Read about Manchester Wood’s environmental standards here to answer one of the many reasons we keep our furniture made in the USA. Abbas continued, “As demand drives manufacturing, some manufacturers have been paying attention to this demand. There is an increase in American made furniture and home furnishings as a result.” Take a moment and read about our attention to detail with generations of craftsmanship at Manchester Wood.

We used an ad yesterday “You Can’t Import History” as part of our President’s Day celebration. And the phrase means a lot to us on several levels. For one, you can’t replace the legacy of American made no matter how hard you try. Two, you can’t beat the styles Manchester Wood offers that hark back to days gone by, yet with a timeless appeal designed for the modern generation. And you can’t compare the quality furniture made in the USA we offer at a price within range to a cheaper “knock-off” built overseas with inhumane work ethics and codes to keep it cheaper. You can’t replace legacy and tradition, you can’t beat timeless styles with new offerings, and you can’t compare the quality of our furniture made in the USA proudly since 1976.

Manchester Wood designs and produces quality, affordable, eco-friendly solid wood furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York.

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TV Stands Solid Wood

October 3, 2013
Farmhouse Media Center

Farmhouse Media Center

At Manchester Wood you can expect solid wood stands ideal in any part of the home. An example would be our Mission Media Stand, which provides a stylish surface and shelving for your television and media. A media stand solid wood is the elements you’ll find with all our media stands, it’s entirely handcrafted solid wood furniture.

Another great example of our quality American made furniture is our solid wood Farmhouse Media Center, a carefully crafted solid American hardwood piece. This media console merges modern functionality, traditional country furniture design, and incredible durability with magnificent results. It’s able to hold over 500 pounds! It’s spacious too, with shelving for multiple entertainment devices

Our solid wood stands also include the Shaker Entertainment Console, a sturdy solid wood construction of select solid ash American hardwood, built for durability and strength from the ground up. Its legs are crafted from solid 8/4 ash squares and can support up to a 54″ flat screen TV’s with ease. The center cabinet doors hide your other media accessories to keep a neat, organized look. Also, our wood furniture encompasses the Contemporary Media Stand, a solid wood table that elegantly handles the challenge of the ever-increasing array of media and electronic gadgets that we encounter in the 21st century. It’s convenient shelving for entertainment devices makes it a very versatile stand.

To shop our solid wood stand for your TV/Media needs, click here.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

Quality Solid Wood Furniture

June 28, 2013
Due out Fall 2013: The Urban Camp Collection

Due out Fall 2013: The Urban Camp Collection

In our blogs we often stress the importance of American made and how our furniture is made in the USA, which is special and note-worthy. However we really should spend more time just simply marketing the high quality solid wood furniture we provide to our customers; regardless of the steps we take to get it there.

Our solid wood furniture pieces are not only beautiful; they’re carefully crafted with a precision and functionality of well thought-out craftspeople. Inspections are performed throughout all processes that create wood furniture of long-lasting heirloom quality. Stringently tested, each step of our manufacturing is key in making furniture that will last generations.

“Heirloom quality,” “built to last,” “lasts for generations,” these are phrases we not only use to promote our product but staples to our success.

With the one-liners aside, in a tough economy buy something your grandkids can use… then theirs… backed by our Quality Guarantee. 100% Made in USA. Free Shipping Always.

American made furniture is what we are. Quality solid wood furniture is what we do.

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