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The Benefit of Solid Wood Furniture Made in USA

October 10, 2013


From quality solid wood cabinets to solid wood tables, stands, bookcases, and chairs, Manchester Wood’s solid wood furniture (mentions are beyond known – we talk a lot about it) are a large part of our product descriptions and information. We surround the fact we make solid furniture, “built to last.” The major reason we tout our American made furniture made of solid wood is because of the benefits it provides on an individual customer level as well to the community at-large. Solid wood furniture has proven itself for thousands upon thousands of years… it lasts a long, long time. At Manchester Wood we’re inspired by classic antiques, as well as new innovations in furniture and coupling those together makes the timeless furniture we provide in solid wood. Simply, we want our furniture to last generations as an heirloom piece for you and your family.

Since solid wood furniture lasts a long time and is produced on local, environmentally safe standards it provides an eco-friendly, less landfill approach to consumerism. Mix that with the rising popularity of products made in America to help enrich and support a local economy and you’ve found the key ingredients of what makes Manchester Wood furniture so special, along with many other companies of the like creating made in USA furniture. Take a chance today, complete your living space with heirloom quality solid wood furniture made in the USA.

To shop our online store and discover more about solid wood furniture including wood finishes and our Quality Guarantee, click here.

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  • Reply Tomas Killington February 3, 2017 at 12:00 pm

    My wife and I have recently purchased our first home. We are in desperate need of filling the spaces with furniture that looks good. I didn’t realize that solid wood furniture is capable of providing modern amenities while keeping the look of a timeless antique. That something that could really work well in our home.

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