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Why Manchester Wood Furniture Makes the Best Heirloom…

June 3, 2018

An heirloom is a family possession handed down from one generation to the next. Although this is the defined meaning, an heirloom is more about the connection to the memories with the person who passed it down.

Manchester Wood is popular among people who are not only searching for functionality and long-lasting furniture but who are also looking for quality that can stand the test of time. When you purchase a piece of handcrafted wood from us, you’re not just receiving furniture. You’re receiving something where memories can be made. If this sounds like something that you are looking for then you’ve come to the right place.

Family heirlooms are great treasures because more than the economic worth is the priceless story behind it. A solid wood bookshelf may have been where your mother stored all her books growing up, or a coffee table may have been where your parents fell in love after months of long, inspiring conversations. Whether your heirloom portrays a love story, a sad story, a war story, or a story of saying goodbye, these memories should be preserved. Your family heirlooms represent time, achievement, triumph, happiness, success, and above all, love. By preserving these items you are also preserving your family’s memories. And these memoirs are worth more than what money can buy.

Although all of our furniture is made to last and be passed down from generation to generation, here are some great suggestions for heirloom pieces (please note: different color finishes are available in most of our products):

  • Mission Mudroom Bench: The Mission Mudroom Bench is designed for your entryway or “mudroom,” as we say in New England. With seat back and shelving below, this wooden bench provides ample storage for shoes and comfortable sitting. Made in the USA of solid ash hardwood. Built to last. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here:


  • Shaker Secretary Desk: Our Shaker Secretary Desk is a solid wood desk that’s handmade for the home office; or perhaps as a great recipe desk in the kitchen. A perfect size for a work nook in a small living space. A universal classic shaker desk with great storage design and strong Americana lines. Made in USA. Quality Guarantee. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here:


  • Green Mountain Magazine Rack End Tables: Discreet nesting for your magazines and daily reads with open shelving to showcase and offer ample space for more. This small end table packs a lot of storage in its size with a design to keep things neat and orderly. Crafted from solid American hardwood, it’s built to last. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here:

If you are planning on purchasing a product to eventually have it serve as an heirloom, a suggestion may be to write your memories down surrounding the item. Keep a journal, or take any pictures of moments that stand out and put it in an album. This will help you remember things even when you get old yourself. The younger generation will definitely appreciate it and it may make it more valuable if they can be part of the memories as well.

If you are looking for an heirloom piece as a gift for someone you love, then you may want to consider purchasing a Manchester Wood gift card as well. When you give the gift of a Manchester Wood gift card you’re offering someone an array of choices in handcrafted solid wood furniture from a storied American furniture brand.

To purchase a gift card for someone you love, visit our website here:


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