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Wood TV Trays: An Assortment of Practicality

August 9, 2013
The innovative Urban Camp Tray Top Sofa Table

The innovative Urban Camp Tray Top Sofa Table

As we’re nearing the new school year we’ve focused a lot on our solid wood TV tray tables. Promoting sales, giveaways, and the practicality of TV folding trays this approaching season. They make great sense for a family whose schedule is about to fill up with schoolwork and events – keeping the whole family on the go (we’re looking at you Mom and Dad!). Our television trays – or simply folding trays – for their portability and uses far beyond the TV, have seen a recent resurgence in the marketplace.

Whether wrapping up homework in the anxious frenzy of catching some entertainment, or finalizing business work for the day feeling the same. A folding tray table can provide the portability and function beyond the role of traditional TV table trays catering to the multi-tasked. How about tight spaces? In a kid’s room or even in our main living space, furniture that provides practicality in efficiency and function is key. Our folding TV trays sets are certainly a given in this area. They’re easy to put away for tight storage, whether on their stand in a corner, or folded up in the closet. You don’t need a desk, but need a workspace? A portable workspace can be provided for everyday with a tray table. The perfect resolution is a long-lasting, sturdy solid wood table that has the quality and feel of a high-end shaker desk, yet it’s small, light, and incredibly practical.

Feeling adventurous? Try our Urban Camp Tray Tops! An innovative small end table, sofa table, and coffee table solid wood and nothing sort of quality, combine the portability of a television tray with contemporary country furniture flair. Featuring portable slatted tops that double as removable tray tables with plenty of storage capacity on shelving below. Check them out today here, and be sure to visit our folding tray table category on 100% Made in USA. 100% Solid Wood Furniture. 100% Free Shipping Always.

Manchester Wood is a family owned and operated company that has been designing and producing quality solid wood furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York for over 35 years.  Since Manchester Wood’s inception in 1976, the company has worked to sustain jobs for American workers and is proud to offer truly American made furniture.

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