Generations of Craftsmanship

The natural beauty and durability of solid American hardwood are at the core of our quality wood home furnishings. Our lines of solid wood furniutre include our Glass Top, Solid Cherry, Home Office, Slate Top, Traditional, Shaker, Mission, Contemporary, and Outdoor Collections. Whether you are indoors or outdoors or at home or at work, our solid wood desks, accent tables, Adirondack chairs and other American wood furniture pieces add comfort and style to any setting. All of our wood furniture collections are 100% made with pride in the USA at our own facility in Granville, New York and offer strength, durability and add the warmth of natural colors and grain patterns to any setting.

We pay attention to every detail during the manufacturing of our solid wood furniture. Inspections are performed throughout all processes to ensure the quality of each coffee table, end table, shelf and all other pieces of wood furniture that we produce. Our hardwood is hand selected for the quality of the wood grain. The raw lumber arrives kiln-dried to ensure that the moisture content of the wood is between 6 to 8 percent, which is the optimal level for working wood into quality solid furniture. We use the latest equipment to obtain the needed cuts from our wood while utilizing the most material we can obtain from each board in order to minimize our impact on the environment. Waste not, want not. Our facility maintains a constant relative humidity during the entire woodworking process. As boards take shape into cabinets, tables or media stands, this constant relative humidiy keeps the wood stable as it continues through machining, drilling, sanding and assembly. At each step, the wood and hardware is carefully inspected to ensure that the finished piece of American furniture that it becomes is completely free from any defects. The last stage in the solid wooden furniture manufacturing process happens at our finishing department where the wood of each piece of furniture is carefully stained or painted. Once the finished piece of furniture has dried, it is then carefully packed for shipping to our customers.

Because we use solid wood in all our construction methods and American furniture, our wood products last for generations. The wood bookshelf or chair that you buy for your son or daughter will undoubtedly last long enough to be passed down to his or her children and their children after that. In this sense the pieces of wood furniture that we make in NY state are more than just material objects; they become wooden heirlooms that are passed down through generations and become treasured pieces of family history. We are so sure of the durability and quality of our American made wood home and office furniture that every piece of solid wood furniture that we sell is backed by our 100% quality guarantee. When you buy a piece of furniture from Manchester Wood, you know that you are getting a wood product that has been carefully inspected at all stages of the manufacturing process and is built out of the highest quality materials and components.

Our wood furniture pieces are typically shipped ready to assemble. This method of shipping our solid wood items not only saves on shipping costs for our customers, it also reduces the chances of damage during transit to your home. Every piece of solid wood furniture that we ship comes with detailed instructions for quick and easy assembly. All the necessary parts are included and screw holes are pre-drilled with precision in all boards in order to make the assembly of your new wood table, desk, shelf, bookcase or chair simple and straightforward. We hope you enjoy our solid wood furniture as much we enjoy making it and take pride in the quality of the finished product.